Thursday, January 24, 2008

blogging at last...

It seems that each time I search online for Waldorf/Unschooling/Homeschooling resources I find the most prolific blogs. I've often wondered how families find the spare moments in the day to sit at the computer blogging~ creating such personal inspiring threads about their lives. Needless to say I've been inspired again and again. After much to do, here is my first attempt at blogging. 

We are new homeschoolers, well 5 months new that is. My eldest son attended a waldorf inspired public charter for a year. Most of what we've done these past 5 months since deciding to homeschool is simply regain or balance, our breath, our daily rhythms that became lost in the constant shuffle as we attended "school" away from home. I hadn't realized how out of sorts we were until we had to be home together for months on end, day in and out. Wow. 

It has been wonderful regaining our presence with each other. I feel more grounded, calm and certainly less stressed. Although I certainly have low points, where I think I don't really quite know what I am doing...which isn't true. Rather, I just have these unbelievably high standards that are quite impossible to live up to! All in all these past 5 months has been Fortunately their have been enough moments of our opening to who we want to be as a family, clarity of our family virtues and  how we want to live in the world to keep me trusting the flow. 

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