Friday, January 25, 2008


The most difficult aspect of waldorf inspired homeschooling, so far (aside from juggling the varied needs of 4 year old twins with the very different needs of my 7 year old!),  has been finding waldorf inspired homeschool classes or an enrichment program that is NURTURING and IS NOT NCLB compliant! The other challenge is the constant stream of resistance from Julian. He has uber high standards after his year with Miss Mia as his kindy teacher, she certainly brought magic to the classroom. I'm sure I have something do with his need to be so particular, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist! He is finally starting to honor that we are doing things differently and learning what works, whereas the first few months of homeschooling he would say things like, "that isn't the way it is done, Miss Mia did it this way"...granted he has certainly taught me a lot sharing these very particular tidbits.

Today we went to Orchard School and met Mother Earth, a fantastic storyteller and pied piper of children. Julian's grumpy disgruntled not wanting to be there attitude grew into this big brimming grin as he joyfully participated, Mother Earth had passed his scrutiny and he was completely enchanted. However, the golden question remains; why is he so resistant to the journey?? It is not just homeschooling either, this happens throughout our daily lives from mole hills to mountains and has been an element of his personality since about 3 years old. I guess I need to read up on the temperaments because I am feeling frustrated with him. Perhaps the temperaments will shed some light...we'll see.

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