Monday, January 28, 2008

embracing my deep need to write again

When I write I see my shadows fall to the page illuminated. I see the darkness and its necessity and in that darkness I stumble into desperately needed moments of blinding light. When I write I see the beauty of the world through eyes shining with clarity rather than clouded by confusion. I discover the things I did not know I knew and in these discoveries I grow-I morph into who I am authentically meant to be. I unravel pieces of me from lives past, lessons unlearned unfold to resolve, words resound inside me echoing intimately from the pages of timelessness. Manifestation opens in this knowing. When I write I discover the resonance and vibrations of all that is sacred holding a space for my being to be. And in the pulse of my heart I long for continued moments of unity between me and all that is...I ache to no know that I no longer need advert my eyes from he, she, they... myself. I WILL feel whole, held, loved, valued, understood, heard and seen for who I am  under this skin.

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